Chiropractor changes

What kind of verbage do you use on re-exam to show people the chiropractor changes, more specifically what do you do if you see the changes, through rom, sub station scans, etc but the person does not say they are feeling any changes?
Every once in a while we get someone who has a really low awareness of their body, we have a woman who just had her first re-exam, amazing changes, and she is a totally different person than when she first came in due to chiropractic, but she reports not feeling much change. When she came in she could hardly move without pain, now she moves freely, smiles more (she has a pretty negative attitude) plus all the objective changes but still complains that she isn’t feeling change. Even her husband reports how much change she has had in a short time. We do a quality of life questionnaire when they first come in and at re-exams. Its kind of mind-boggling.
I am sure we will lose her soon, I’m just wondering how others deal wtih this for this case and future one’s like it. It’s easy to accept when people quit care because of money but that’s not the issue and the progress has been really great.


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