Chiropractor Truckee
Unique to a Chiropractor, there are over 100 different techniques which can be utilized in patient care.  Dr. Dave has a plethora of different techniques unique to each individual patient and case.  Some patients prefer a lighter touch and then some patients would rather have a more physical, manual adjustment.  Regardless, each patient is treated uniquely and according to their preference taking into consideration which technique would be recommended to their condition.

Dr. Dave takes a full body approach when treating each patient.  This will include a postural analysis, muscle testing, gait analysis, palpation and motion palpation.

For those who are a little more technical, some of the techniques used are Full Spine Diversified and Gondstead.  These would be considered a more manual adjustment. In addition, techniques like Thompson Drop, Activator, DNFT, Trigger Point Therapy and Soft Tissue Releasing Technique would address a more soft touch treatment.

Soft tissue therapy is also used with each treatment prior to adjusting.  This will help release and relaxing of tense and tight muscles.