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1. What is Chiropractic? Please watch below video before initial visit.

2. What is a Subluxaton?

The word subluxation is a term used by chiropractors to describe what happens when a vertebrae in your spine moves out of the correct position. The term subluxationoriginates from the latin words meaning somewhat or slightly (sub) and to dislocate (lux ate). When a subluxation occurs the misaligned vertebrae will create stress and pressure on the spinal nerves, blood vessels and surrounding musculature. The pressure created can cause an imbalance of the bodys normal functions as the nerves of the spinal column extend out to the entire body and organs. In time an uncorrected subluxation settles and the nerve damage gets worse and hence different stages the subluxation degenerative complex set in.

Subluxations of the spine can occur in many different ways such as a car accident, sports injuries, birthing trauma, pregnancy, a slip and fall or other traumas are all examples which may cause a subluxation complex. Other ways a subluxation can occur are typical things such as poor sleeping position, poor posture and incorrect lifting methods.

Chiropractors are health care providers who specialize in the correction of the vertebral subluxation complex. A chiropractic physician is trained to treat the misaligned vertebrae and abnormal joint function with what is referred to as aspinal adjustment‘. A chiropractor uses their hands and/or chiropractic instrumentation applying corrective pressure to the spinal area of involvement which helps restore alignment and mobility of involved vertebrae. Under normal conditions a chiropractic adjustment is painless. In some cases there may be some discomfort due to the presence of some inflammation in the area due to trauma such as a car accident.


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